Media Releases


Aug 21 – D2L and FL Worldwide Create New Partnership for Mastery Learning



Nov 2 –??The World’s First “Flipped Learning” University to Host Global Standards Summit
Aug 21 –?AALAS Announces the First Higher Ed International Flipped Learning Award Honorees?| Academy of Active Learning Arts and Sciences to honor innovators, trailblazers, and global standard bearers.
Jun 25 –?At ISTE, FLGI Announces Two International Education Conferences to Redefine Flipped Learning
May 22? –?Flipped Learning Global Standards Project Spawns Active Learning Nonprofit
April 16 –?FLGI Launches FLR Magazine with 2018 List of?the Top 100 Educators Leading Flipped Learning in 2018
Mar 12 –?First Nineteen K-12 Schools and Higher Ed Institutions Adopt International Standards for Flipped Learning 3.0
Feb 16 –?Flipped Learning Global Standards Community Announces Co-Chairs from Harvard University, MEF University, University of La Rioja, and the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology –? Delegates Invited from Around the World
Feb 2 –?Flipped Learning Global Initiative Collaborates with Pioneers from Harvard, Stanford, and MEF University on International Standards for Flipped Training
Jan 26 –?Flipped Learning Global Initiative Introduces 30 Founding International Faculty Members

2017 Press Releases

Aug 16 –?FLGI Publishes the Top 100 Educators Leading Flipped Learning in 2017
Aug 7 – ?Flipped Learning Global Initiative Launches Publishing Division??
Aug 4 – FLGI First Annual Report:?Worldwide Coalition Looks Beyond Flipped Classrooms, to Flipped Schools, School Districts, and School Systems
May 16 – Spanish Language Flipped Learning Certification Program Launched
Mar 24 –?Flipped Learning 3.0 World Tour Kicks Off at ASCD
Mar 2 –?Researchers Confirm Flipped Learning Enters New 3.0 Era, Five Factors Signal a Paradigm Shift in Flipped Learning Has Begun
Feb 9 – Eleven Forward-Looking Companies Commit?to Flipped Learning ?Worldwide
Jan 9 –?New Global Program to Protect Flipped Learning From Bad Technology Choices

2016 Press Releases

Dec 5?– ? ?Flipped Learning Global Initiative Launches International Innovation Center
Oct 17?– ??First Cohort of Educators Receive International Flipped Learning Certification
Sept 27?– ?International Flipped Learning Certification Program Launched
Sept 23 – ?FLGI Publishes the Top 100 Educators Leading Flipped Learning
Sept 22?– ?50 Flipped Classroom International Ambassadors Announced
June 30?– ?FLGI ?Launches Flipped Learning Radio Worldwide on the BAM Radio Network
June 28?– ?FLGI Launches Flipped Research?Lab, Introduces Global Flipped Learning Fellows
June 27 – ?Flipped Classroom Gets Fuel from a Worldwide Coalition of Educators, Researchers, and Technologists

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